I’m Christopher Denter. I work as a freelance developer, usually on iOS projects. I only work remotely (from Madrid, Spain). Please do not send job offers that require travel or relocation.


I hold a Master of Science degree (high distinction) in a German graduate course known as “Computervisualistik”, which is computer science with a focus on computer graphics, computer vision, and things such as software ergonomics, software design, and aesthetics.


I’m a mid-twenties guy from Germany, currently living the expat life in Madrid. I love learning new things and exposing myself to new challenges.1

I am very interested in a wide variety of things both inside the realm of computer science and outside of it. Any attempt at assembling such a list is bound not to be comprehensive, but for the sake of example, let me try: I’m interested in all things visual (e.g. design and computer graphics), functional programming, and science in general. Apart from that, I’m really into food, travelling, meeting people, languages, photography, and doing sports.

  1. For example, I decided to pack up my things in Germany and go live in Spain. When I first came to Spain, I didn’t know any Spanish. By now I’m pretty confident (C1 level less than a year later).